Lifestyle Dilemma

I’m not sure the title is quite the right phrase, but I can’t find a better word right now.   Dilemma connotes a problem and my pondering this week isn’t a real problem.

My kids are on spring break.  Five of them are at home, having a relaxed time of games and reading and screen time, with bike riding, photography, and a couple of outings thrown in (Treehouse Wearhouse tomorrow!).  One of my children is on a trip to Puerto Rico with a school club.

I see on Facebook some fabulous posts of friends who are traveling with their kids during spring break…. Arizona, Florida, California, Minnesota and the posts and pictures are so fun and enticing.  It makes me remember the frequent travel we did when Areal and Marcella were in competitive gymnastics and the new things they and Ezekiel and I got to experience.

The juxtaposition of these two ways to spend break time and free time has me thinking.  I love both.  I want the world for my kids and I want them to travel far and wide and learn about all kinds of people and all aspects of history and how our world works and what they themselves are capable of when they are out of their comfort zone.

At the same time, I treasure and find great value in just relaxing.  In letting the personalities and family life of fun, chores, sleeping in, running around outside ofr hours, fighting and making up…. all of those things are grounding and nurturing and consolidate family connections.  Those little every day minutes that are safe and relaxed and do not hold a single bit of shoulds or needs, especially for kids who have known such upheaval in life, are necessary for building a solid base of security.

So…. maybe it’s a dance and not a dilemma.  There is a time and season for each way of living through break times.  I guess my thoughts leave me hoping and praying that I will help my children find the right balance and honoring their own needs on what that balance will look like.

I will pass that wish on to each of you, too.  Find your balance and relax a lot and play a lot (and do what you need to do in  between to honor commitments and work and growth).

Be well,



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