Greetings from Seattle!

I’ve not really left, but LIFE took over my life and pulled me in many different directions for a bit.

But I’m back!  Photography, kids, Love and Life.

If I still have any followers, I’ll catch you up over the next few days.  For now, I want to wax philosophical about a wonderful event I attended last night.  The auction for Sibling House was SO much fun!  I got to take photos all evening and enjoyed some fabulous, generous, deep-hearted people.

Lynn and Michael Gaskill founded Sibling house as a resource for families who take in sibling groups from foster care.  When a child loses everything they know through no fault of their own, losing the comfort of a sibling is almost the last straw.  If we can keep these kids together, they know their world is not completely destroyed and they have someone who knows the whole them.

So we ate, raised money, laughed a lot and cried a little.  And I got to do my true passion (other than my kids) — picture taking.  Here’s a sample… but you can find the whole gallery on my website.

I’m excited to be back!



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