Thirteen in 2013

Big Brothers/Big Sisters!

I was a Big Sister for a couple of years when I was in my mid-20’s. I can’t say enough good things about this program.  My Little was MaryAnne.  She was a young teen when we first met, and my clearest memory is taking her to see E.T. when it first came out….5 weeks in a row!  Our official relationship ended when her grandmother died (whom she’d been living with) and her mom moved her away.  Mary Anne became a teenage mother at 16 and then again at 18.  She called me when she first learned she was pregnant and asked me how she should tell her mom.  We talked it out.  Even though we weren’t in the program anymore, she said, “I knew my big sister would be there for me.” Cue tears.  She got married to the father of her 2nd child when she was 19 (I got to go to the wedding) and we kept in touch…she was doing well.  By the time she was 25 years old, she’d moved many times and I haven’t heard from her.  But her birthday (March 8) is on my calendar and I send prayers and thoughts her way every year.

  This is Marcella and Ronda.  Ronda has been Marcella’s Big Sister since she was in 1st Grade!!!!!!! Now, as a high school freshman, Marcella has a constant friend who can give advice, go shopping, read together, walk and hike and hang out with the dog.  They’ve done many things together over the years and I am sure they will be life-long friends.  What a gift!

Marcella and Ronda - holiday brunch at the top of the Seattle Space Needle

Marcella and Ronda – Holiday brunch at the top of the Seattle Space Needle


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