Three in 2013

Today is the 10th Day of Christmas.  This is one of my little ones, Nathalia.  She came to me in May.  She is a sweet girl and very observant.  As a foster parent, my kids come from many different backgrounds.  I share with them my faith and my Faith community, but do not require that they come along or do anything they are not comfortable with.  Nathalia has been VERY curious about the stories she is hearing for the first time from the Bible, both before Jesus time and after.  She had not ever heard the whole Christmas story, and, since she got to be a shepherd in the Christmas pageant, we focused a lot on what shepherds are, what they do – both back in biblical times and what contemporary shepherds are like (lots of internet time while we learned together).  I LOVE finding reasons to learn new things and I LOVE watching kids’ curiosities grow and grow the more things they learn about!  Nathalia has been seen exploring Brain Pop on our iPad about sheep, wool, shearing, spinning, weaving, knitting…….. 🙂

My beautiful shepherdess.

My beautiful shepherdess.


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