16 Days Left!

Hi to all my friends and followers. I am AMAZED to have posted 350 today in my 366 Kids Project…only 16 days left in 2012.  It’s been a profound year for me and I continue to be thrilled and passionate about growing my photography work.  But I also kind of exploded in the parenting arena this past year.  I added 4 new, fairly long-term foster children (one little boy is now in the beginning stages of being adopted) into our family.

I know how much I have enjoyed posting a new child in my 366 Kids Project and I am sad to see this project coming to an end.  I’ve finally decided that I will continue to post children’s pictures into the new year AND continue to use this as a vehicle for my photography marketing.  But now that I am the single parent of 7 children, I hope to be able to let you get to know them through my pictures….along with adding new pictures of as many other children as I can find.

But I also want to start writing stories to accompany the pics….my life feels so rich and, while I know that pictures tell so many stories, when the New Year arrives, I will start blogging more with the pictures.  Some will have stories, thoughts, poems, and even editorials.  Obviously, the year of 366 Kids will come to an end, so I will let you know when I come up with the title or theme of my 2013 project.

In the meantime, I will dip my toe into the writing whirlpool and share some thoughts tonight in a new post.  Wishing many blessings to all of you!  Karla


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