We carved pumpkins this weekend for Halloween.  The 4 littles in my house did the work.  But 2 of my younger kids have Sensory Processing issues and provided a bucketful of laughter and giggles as they tried their best to get the slimy pulp and seeds out of their pumpkins.  They were both real troupers for a few minutes, but the other two (and I) finally took pity and helped them out.  The results of a couple of hours of work?  A 3-eyed Vampire, a 5-eyed Smiley Jack, a Spider, and a Creeper (from Minecraft).

I’ll do it if I can use a spoon!!!

That looks pretty cool, but I have NO intention of touching it!

One kid says, “This is SO cool!” The other says, “Eeeewwwww!”

One kiddo is having a ball, the other can barely look at anything slimey, much less touch it. 🙂

Double, double, toil and trouble.

My 4 little carvers and their creations.


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