Counting Down

I am amazed!  There are only 95 days left in my Project!

271 days ago, I started my 366 Kids Project…and I will admit to being a little bit impressed with myself that I’ve manage to not miss a single day of posting kid pictures!  Sometimes, my ideas a little bit grander than my abilities to follow through, but this project has been SO MUCH FUN!  I even managed to post on the day that one of my kids was in the hospital having brain surgery!  It’s become a part of my daily routine and has become a gift to me.  I started the project as a way to get out and introduce myself to new families (asking for a quick snapshot of their child(ren)) as a marketing tool.  And it has worked…I’ve developed several new clients as a direct result of this project!  But I’ve also enjoyed it so much, because it has gained me the very necessary support from my friends and family as I started my new business.  They all watch my daily pics.  They all are thrilled when I post kids that they know.  And they have passed on my information to their family and friends (THANK YOU!!!!!!!).

Seven kids in summer heaven (August 2012)
Seven kids are in school today (mom heaven!).
Areal, Ezekiel, Marcella, Nathalia, Jade, Benjamin, Octavio.

And now, I’m noticing that I’m counting down the days in this project instead of counting up…..and it’s making me sad already.  There are only 95 days left in a year that has been very momentous for me.  I am actually making a living with my photography!  And the growth of my (flexible) business has allowed me to accept 4 new children into my family this year.  The growth of my family was unexpected, but being able to say “YES!” to 4 new foster children has blessed my life immensely. And it would not have been possible without the flexibility that my (now not so) new business affords me.

So, while September 27th is not a traditional day that anyone uses to take stock, recall special moments, or plan for the future, that is what I’m doing today.  Seven children are in school and I’m organizing my business records, preparing for my next shoot, and trying to figure out what my next Photography Blog Project will be once 366 Kids is done on December 31, 2012.  Any thoughts?  I want to try to hold myself to another daily project…and it HAS to be about pictures! 🙂  I am asking all of you for ideas – sweet, goofy, easy, challenging…bring ’em on!


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