A Child’s Dreams

I have been taking 3 of my kids to swimming lessons all summer.  We’ve all been watching the Olympics all week and one of my kids has become quite enthralled with the swimming.  He’s set a goal to be on a swim team next year and his focus at his swim lessons is impressive (he’s one of my foster children and he’s never had swim lessons before).  It has made me think about how kids dream, what catches their hearts and their passions and what it is that helps them nurture their hopes.  I spent my time at swim lessons this week meeting new parents at the pool (and asking if I can add their children to my 366 Kids Project) and we had some great discussions about how to nurture the dreams and skills that our kids have.  So the pictures in my 366 Kids Project for the next few days are kids in the pool.  Not all of them have swimming dreams (in Seattle, with so much water around, it’s just a given that kids need to learn to swim), but all of them will hopefully have the chance to grow into what gives them joy.  As you see the pictures, think about how you can add a little piece of encouragment to the dreams of a child in your life.

Nathalia and Ezekiel at swim lessons. We can pretend that they are discussing swimming goals, but these two were talking about who can make the biggest splash when they jump in — obviously, neither is the one with the swim team dreams. 🙂  (ignore the pic quality, this one was my cell phone)

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