Obstacle Course

Happy Birthday to my grandson, Ezekiel!  We made an epic obstacle course for a slew of 1st and 2nd graders.  18 stations!

1.  Vine climb

2. Hula hop

3. Fence jump

4. Ribbon toss

5. Trampoline tumble

6. Vertical climb

7. Petersen Speedway

8. Balance Beam

9. Laser Challenge

10. Foxtail Throw

11. Wagon pull

12. Tunnel crawl

13. Spider web

14. Croquet course

15. Wall Slide

16. Sandbox Dig

17. Balloon Arcade.

18. Hopscotch

All of the kids went through the course 3-4 times and got TIRED. 🙂

Then we had a Minecraft cake that Ezekiel’s momma, Christina, made.  Presents.  Goody bags.

All of this made for a happy 8 year old.  Yay for birthdays!!!!

Vine Climb

Hula Hop

Fence Jumping

Ribbon Toss

Trampoline Tumble

Vertical Climb

Vertical Climb

Petersen Speedway

Balance Beam

Laser Challenge

Foxtail Throw

Wagon Pull (90 pounds of birdseed)

Tunnel Crawl

Spider Web

Croquet Course

Wall Slide and Sandbox Dig

Balloon Arcade


Minecraft Cake

Blowing out the candles

Opening presents (look at the homemade dinosaur wrapping paper!)

Goody Bags

Happy Birthday boy! Blessings on your special day, Ezekiel!

And two of my worn out helpers. 🙂


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