July 4

Hello to all my faithful followers and friends….just a quick note.  I started 366 Kids Project with one goal being to meet new kids and families and introduce them to Karla Petersen Photography.  I met several kids and families yesterday at the 4th of July celebration and was able to catch new kids for my Project and to get my name and my business magnet into the hands of new families.  So, over the next few days, you’ll find a few red, white, and blue kids on my blog!

For our holiday celebration yesterday, I took my 7 kids to walk in the Kirkland parade representing Sibling House.  This non-profit provides support for foster families who commit to working with sibling groups in foster care so that the kids, who are being taken from everything they know, don’t also have to be separated from their brothers and sisters.  The kids had a ball, some of them got to hand out candy to the crowds and 3 of my kids did gymnastics through the entire parade route…cartwheels, handstand walks, walkovers, round offs.  They enjoyed the cheering and applause along the way!  The pics below are of our parade fun, not the 366 Kids Project.  One is a picture of all the kids in my home right now with my friend, Nan Beth, who came along to play with us (thanks, Nan!).  Others are my kids showing off their own red, white, and blue as well as well as their parade fun.




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