Happy Birthday, Dad! Oh….and Happy Father’s Day, too!

I had mentioned last month that I’m not much about Mother’s Day.  Same with Father’s Day.  I like to think that I celebrate my father as often as I can. And a commercialized version of honoring fathers can bring a lot of pain to those who have fathers who hurt them, who have fathers who are no longer around, who do not know their father, and to those fathers who have lost children.

But still, today, I especially want to celebrate and share my dad, because it also happens to be his birthday!

My dad is one of the most amazing men I know.  He is gentle, kind, giving, faithful, and he is such a blessing to all os us.  He has been an incredible father to 6 of us.  He is a wonderful example of what a husband should be to the wife he has love for almost 60 years.  He has been a guide and nurturer for a couple of generations of teachers, as well as being a steady, nurturing teacher for many Jr. High students through tumultuous years.  He continues to serve his church and his community through work with the homeless, with immigrants, with teen mothers, with elders in need, with Native children, and with his many grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

I hope I can have a portion of his integrity at 79 years of age!

In the meantime, I am sending all my love, many prayers for a wonderful day, and blessing upon blessing for the coming year.

Hugs, hugs, hugs to you, dad!     ❤

Happy Birthday, Dad!


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