Happy Birthday, Ben!

As you may have heard, I come from a relatively large family.  I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers.  My older younger brother (the eldest of the two little brothers) is Nels.  Nels is married to Becky and they have raised 4 great boys (one is still at home).

23 years ago, Nels and Becky asked if I’d be Godmother for their first child.  Excited!!!!!!

They lived in North Carolina at the time and I wanted to try to be there for the baby’s birth.  So I flew from Seattle to North Carolina on the day the baby was due.  I figured if the baby came early, I’d get to meet him or her.  And I stayed for a week hoping that I’d be there for the birth.  Ben was born the day after I got back home to Seattle. 🙂

But my presence or absence at his birth was a non-issue by the time he arrived… I was just thankful to be alive!  The flight to Hickory, NC was and still is one of the scariest things I’ve ever lived through.  I flew from Seattle to Charlotte, then was booked on a 20 seater commuter flight up to Hickory.  As we took off, a big thunderstorm was rolling in and the flight was a wild, rockin’ roller coaster ride.  But that wasn’t the worst part.  When we came in to the small airport at Hickory, the storm was howling and the pilot tried to land us 4 times…each time we’d come within a foot or two of touching down, then the wind would gust and pick us up and rock us up and down.  After 4 tries, THANKFULLY, the pilot decided to abort the mission and we headed back to Charlotte—flying right back through the same thunderstorm for another 45 minutes.  I was never so thankful for a middle of the night bus ride as I was that night!

After that, the visit was delightful.  Warmth, good food, lots of laughter and walks.  And the trip home was blissfully uneventful.  I’d only been home about an hour when I got the phone call that Becky was in labor.  And in due time, Ben was born.  They moved back out to the Northwest soon after that and I got to be present in Ben’s life as he grew up.  He is now an amazing young man, husband, father to 2 children.  And he lives nearby so I don’t need any more of those wild Carolina plane trips!

Happy Birthday to a very special person!  I pray always for God’s blessings and love for you and your family, Ben.

Hugs from Aunt Karla

Ben and his family.



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