Blessing the Canoes

I have a house full of adopted, kinship care, and foster kids (seven kids right now).  All have been through various journeys in their lives…some full of love, some not so positive. One of my goals in this household, besides safety and love and good food and warm beds, is to give a lot of good memories and positive journeys.

This weekend, we went to a Memorial Day picnic with one of the local Native Nations and the kids got to have Indian tacos, play in the water, and witness the blessing of new canoes. And they got to experience a short canoe journey.

THANK YOU to John, the tribe’s master carver!!!!!

The kids all talked about their new thoughts and experiences on the way home and at bedtime.  I am so thankful for the community I have around me that makes all of these days possible for all of “my” kids.

Circling around


New canoes

Singing, cedar, circles, and 6 eagles circling overhead. Blessing!

Carrying to the water

Loading up and balancing the canoe

Pushing off

John is giving pulling lessons

Journey on the lake

Coming to shore


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