I’m not a huge subscriber of Mother’s Day.  I don’t mind appreciating my mom on this particular day and being thankful for all who mother others well.  And I REALLY don’t mind the extra hugs I get from my kids on this day.  🙂

But I consider this particular day to be commercially based and have seen the pain it can cause for those who did not get mothered well, those who have lost children and won’t get a special ‘Mother’s Day’ gift from a beloved child, and those who have lost their moms.  In my world, every day is Mother’s Day.  I consider mothering to be THE gift God gave me; I do it well at least part of every day, and my “reward” is not a day of recognition, but the growth and purpose I see in every child I care for in the journey towards being who they were created to be.

Having said this, I have to say that this is the happiest Mother’s Day I can ever remember!

My mom had a stroke a week ago.  My dad and my brothers and sisters and I and many friends and extended family have watched, prayed, sat, hugged, and rejoiced as mom has lived a miracle.  She has no paralysis, and her memory and words are returning at a remarkable rate.  She got to go home after 5 days and we are enjoying the blessing of family this weekend.

I’m adding a photo to this post….me and my mom when I was 8 days old.  We have each other held in a gaze that speaks of love and joy.  This week, I was blessed to hold my mom in the longest hugs and I got to gaze into her eyes and to speak clearly, out loud, of the love and the joy that she is to me.  With no hesitation at all, I can say this year,


Mom and Me


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