A Forever Daughter

Several years ago TODAY, I adopted my daughter, Christina!

Christina has been my daughter since she was 4 years old through foster care/guardianship.  But her tribe does not do adoptions, so I raised her into adulthood without that last ‘legal’ step.  Then, she asked me about adopting her as an adult.  THRILLED!

 When we were in the courtroom, the judge asked why we were doing this; Christina told him, “This is mom and she will ALWAYS be my mom.  In my Native culture, family happens through the living, not through the courts or any paperwork.  But I want the rest of the world to know and acknowledge that this is my mom and that I love her very much.”

Did I cry?  You bet I did!!!!!

The pics aren’t very good…no one brought a camera (!?!?), so these are cell phone pics.  But the memories are perfect!


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