Mama Mia! I love my family!

I got to go see the stage production of Mama Mia! with some of my family last weekend.  It was a delightful day!  Everyone came up to my home in Seattle for brunch before the matinee and we had yummy omelets, fresh fruit and good coffee, as well as time with some of my favorite people.  The group that went included my mom, who drove up from Oregon, my sister and her two daughters from Tacoma, two of my daughters, and the biological sister of my youngest daughter (my kids are all adopted).  I have some nice visual memories of the day and wanted to share a piece of my lovely family with all of you.

Ezekiel is my grandson.  He is 7 and lives with me right now.  One of his favorite things right now is Angry Birds, and my mom (his Great-Grandma) got down on the floor with him to learn all about Angry Birds.  She, in turn, taught him the signs (American Sign Language), for the colors of each bird.  Ezekiel stayed home with a babysitter while we went to the show and his babysitter told me that he was teaching HER the color signs.  Fun!

My mom knows American Sign Language and teaches youngsters in an elementary school.  My niece Julia has an interest in ASL and she and grandma spent some time talking about careers she could have with such a skill.  Julia is my sister’s youngest daughter and she is the same age as my middle daughter.  They are both juniors in high school, both are retired competitive gymnasts, and they seem to enjoy time together whenever they can.  Julia has moved onto basketball and fast-pitch softball.  Areal is now doing Ballroom dance team and Native American drama group.

My sister is Ardyce and she brought strawberries and melon along to go with a WONDERFUL poppyseed cake she had made.  Ardyce has loved baking since she was a young girl.  I blame her for my lack of culinary endeavers, since I couldn’t ever get into the kitchen when we were growing up. 🙂  Just kidding…cooking does not rock my boat…give me a sewing machine and I’m in heaven!

Ardyce’s first daughter is Laura.  I am her Godmother and she, in turn, is Godmother for my youngest daughter, Ella.  I love it when pieces of life come full circle.  Blessing upon blessing!  Laura is a young adult now, teaches elementary school, is married to a glass artist (cool, huh?), and just bought her first home.  She is full of energy and is such a positive force in my life since she was born.  She brought all the fixins’ for our made-to-order omelets.  Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

And my daughter’s sister, Molly, got to come spend the whole weekend so they could have some sister time, as well as enjoy the play together.  Ella (my daughter), and her brother and sister were each adopted into seperated families.  They all live about 45 minutes from each other so we get them together once in a while.  They are all teens now, so, of course, they text and Facebook each other.

The play was fantastic.  Some changes from the movie included more suggestive dancing with the songs than what they portray in the movie.  My 17 year old Areal was delightfully titillated by the changes and my 14 year old, Ella, was embarressed.  I had almost as much fun watching my girls as I did seeing Mama Mia!  And the best part was the stand-up, sing-a-long at the end with some of the songs I remember from my teenaged years (think ‘Dancing Queen’).

Contented sigh.  Delightful day!

Ezekiel and Great-Grandma Petersen

Areal and Julia


Laura and Julia

Julia and Grandma Petersen

Great/Grandma Petersen and Ezekiel and Julia

Molly and Ella


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