Linda and Gabriel

I had a fantastic day last weekend with Linda and Gabriel.  Gabriel is a 10 year old who is active, curious, and busy…and not real keen on posing for pictures.  So Linda, his mom, and I decided to shoot pictures at a locale with woods, creek, beach so that Gabriel could just be himself.  That made it easier (and more fun) to just capture moments of this 10 year old stage in Gabriel’s life along with some pictures of him and his mom having fun together.

Linda is aware that life and family changes and grows, so catching a nice afternoon with the two of them was sweet.  We lucked out — after 2 days of HEAVY rain in Seattle, we had an afternoon of no rain, a few sunbreaks, and a wind that wasn’t too cold.  Gabriel took a little while to warm up…had some goofy shots, but he eventually started to have fun.  I love the vivid colors they chose to wear for a rather gray, wintery backdrop, and even Gabriel’s blue coat (which took a while to coax off of him), was a nice accent in the woods.

Thank you to Linda and Gabriel for a great afternoon!




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