My Personal Cheerleader

I would like to introduce you to Indira.  She has transformed my life…just by her friendship, her insights, her enthusiasm, and her encouragement.  I have wanted to do more with my photography for several years (see my post a couple of months ago) and Indira took hold of my ideas and ran off with them…leaving me to follow with great excitement.  I am having so much fun with my new business:  THANK YOU, INDIRA!

I got to spend an afternoon with Indira and her family last weekend and she offered up her daughters (with their permission) to be in my 366 Kids Project.  You have met all 4 girls in the past three days — Maya, Ana, Pari, and Cymran. They are beautiful and each girl is a unique person in appearance and personality.  We talked, took plenty of pictures (of course) and ate together.  The girls shared with me some of their activities and I was especially taken with the quilt that Ana picked for her picture spot.  Their Aunt Bean gave the quilt to the family before she died of breast cancer and it is now a treasured memory for all of them.

Indira and Ana took pictures of me as I took pictures of them.  Indira is my website guru (she says my picture is going up on the site soon), my marketing specialist, and my most ardent cheerleader.  And I am blessed to have her in my life!

So, here is a glimpse of a special family.  Greg is an awesome father…sat down to read a book, helped fix dinner, made me coffee and worked on the computer – all with a cheerful smile.  Indira whips up a great meal faster than I can talk, and the girls shared favorite colors, favorite sports and activities.  Maya happily curled up on the couch with a young lady’s smile and demeanor.  She is growing up and is feeling good about it.  The girls all do gymnastics and the family has a bar, mats, beam in the middle of their living room.  The girls were swinging and grinning while we talked.  Pari is the 7 year old…her favorite color is red and the mat just happens to be red…so we got to catch some pics there.  And Cymran wanted her Valentine balloon in her pictures.  None of my pictures can capture the audacious attitude that Cymi presents to the world.  She is a crack up!!!!!!

Thank you my friends for a nice afternoon!



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