Growth and Development

I’m still working with the gymnastics photos I’ve taken over the past 2 months and these two pictures just happened to end up side by side today.

They very visually show the physical growth that happens from the 3 year old beginner to the advanced level gymnast.  But the images side by side also struck me as a strong visual metaphor for all growth and development in the cycle of life.  From child to adult, from novice to expert, from emerging excitement to an internal passion, ALL growth and development follows somewhat similar paths.  For me, these images are a reminder that everything new we encounter in life (no matter how old we are), needs a measure of patience, compassion, encouragement, and time from ourselves and from our family and friends.  The images also tell us that when a passion for anything – a sport, a hobby, a vocation, a relationship,  a new business (me and my photography 🙂 ) – develops within us, the process (hard work, time, and sacrifice) becomes as meaningful as the success itself.

 What I get from these two photos is this…..

Don’t be afraid to start.  These little girls have started a new sport without counting the future cost to themselves or their families…they just love to tumble!

Enjoy every step of the process.  Even if it’s hard, you can appreciate the value of every new skill you are learning.

Surround yourself with those who believe in you.  When the hard steps get discouraging, let someone nurture you and support you.

Believe in yourself.  When the passion is there, success can have many faces and the path to success can be what you need it to be….not necessarily the road everyone else travels.


Be there for those who need YOU during their growth.  Every new gymnast has an adult who brings them to the gym.  Every new basket weaver has someone to show them the patterns.  Every new intern has a mentor.  And my 7 year old who is begging for his own camera has a grandmother to nurture his interest.



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