Red Eagle Soaring Native Youth Theatre is a Seattle-based theater troup which creates performance art that inspires cultural pride, fosters community interconnectedness, and deepens understanding of the challenges of 21st-century Native experience.  The tribally-diverse urban youth bring Native history, values, aspirations, and imagination to the stage – and in so doing, make connections to the larger multi-cultural community and build the confidence, communications skills, social networks, and cultural pride essential to an empowered seventh generation of young leaders.

T is Zuni, Tlingit, and Aleut. He is also a strong, friendly, enthusiastic young man. He seems to embody the experience of Native Americans living in the 21st century, working to honor history, culture and traditions as well as living in today's world full of opportunity, new ways to represent his people and reaching out to help us all to remember, to heal, and to thrive..

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