Pictures Shared

Greetings from a snowy day in Northwest Washington State!  My kids and I came to Great Wolf Lodge on Monday so I could attend a Caregivers’ (foster care/adoption) conference.  Many families came with their birth, foster, kinship, and/or adopted children and it’s been a great week. We were to be here for 2 nights, but then this massive snow storm (massive for Washington) came through last night and we woke up to 15 inches of snow in the parking lot and snow still falling (actually, it was blowing sideways rather than falling).  I made the decision to stay an extra night–an extra night at Great Wolf Lodge?  My kids were devastated!!!…..NOT! 🙂

Anyway, from a photography standpoint, I’ve had a ball! I brought extra flash drives along.  I know from experience how precious pictures are to foster kids.  They LOVE to see themselves recorded…makes them feel real and valued.  So I decided to meet with many families and offer candid/family/kid pics to anyone over the conference days so the kids could have pictures of themselves on this wonderful adventure.  I had lots of kids and families hamming it up for me. 🙂  And every single one of them got digital copies on flash drives.

And today’s post on my 366 Kids project, as well as the next few days, are samples of what I captured.  The pictures I post here will be ones that make it difficult to actually see the child’s face.  That is on purpose, since many kids in care can’t be publicized without state and/or birth parent permission. But I hope I captured the moments of fun that some of these kids got to experience here.

I hope you all can find a child in your life who is safe and happy and secure and give them a big hug. Then find one little way to help a child who isn’t so fortunate…donate to a foster care organization, look into becoming a foster parent, help your kids do a toy drive, say a prayer………..

Be well,   Karla


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