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As we come to the end of 2011 and look towards a new year, I have been thinking a lot about my fledgling photography business, what it means to me, and what I want it to look like as I develop my programs.  My camera and my photos have been such an integral part of my life journey that the pictures I’ve taken over the years evoke some very strong emotions for me.  Some memories are bright and cheery, some bittersweet, some embarrassing and some just chronical my personal history.  But very few of the photos that pull at my memories and my feelings were set up as posed, formal shots.  Most are the candid pictures of every day and/or special moments of life.

While I realize and welcome the thoughts, wishes and plans of my clients, I have noticed already that, even when the gig is a formal posed shoot, I keep taking candid shots during and between sets, whether everything is perfect or not.

This happened at my recent shoot at Seattle Gymnastics Academy.  Some of the girls posed so easily and many families got nice, formal pictures of their daughters in the early stages of their gymnastics careers.  But several of the girls required repeated posing and were giggly, silly, excited and quite interactive with me as well as with their parents and siblings.  Getting the extra, in-between, delightful, silly pictures seemed to please the parents more than the “best” formal shots.  The pictures evoked pleasure at their daughter just being herself and the memory of that brief moment of fun we had shooting the session.  For some of the families, it was the “candid” shots that the parents purchased, rather than the posed shots I eventually got lined up.

I’ll share some of the recent photos.

~In one set, I’ve picked a nice shot of a little 2 year old who isn’t a gymnast, but wanted to be included with what her big sister was doing.  Following that is the picture that her mother actually picked out…the one of the two year old waving at her sister behind me.  During the shoot, it was obvious how much she adored her sister and the candid moment caught that connection for mom.

S looking very sweet.

S. waving at her sister!

~In another one, there is a nice, posed shot of a sweet, little gymnast and then the one her mom picked out of a less-than-perfect splits shot.  Mom chose that one because her daughter was so pleased to show off her splits to me and she’s been working so hard at it in class over the past couple of months.

M as a cute little gymnast,

M showing off for me!

~The third example is a little cutie who actually had some nice poses.  Her mom bought one of the nice poses, but then picked out the last one here of her daughter jumping up and down.  She says that her daughter approaches life in constant motion and she loves that I caught her in the air.

A showing off her stuff.

A delighting in life!


As I wish all of you a Happy New Year, I hope that 2012 brings you many blessings, a heart full of love and hope, and photo albums or digital picture files full of personal memories.

Be well!   ~Karla~


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