Team Pictures

FUN!  I got to take some team pics for Seattle Gymnastics Academy (SGA) last weekend.  It was a full, busy, laughter-filled couple of days.  The “teams” that were featured last weekend were from the MAGIC program at SGA, which is their developmental program for little girls who may wish to compete in the Junior Olympic program when they are ready.  The classes are fun for the girls, but also emphasize proper body form as they learn the skills.  Having said that….the developmental ages of each group became very apparent as I tried to get each group of girls to all put their hands and feet in pretty gymnastics positions.  As soon as I got one girl set up and moved on the next and the next, the first girl already squirmed her way around to get out of position.  I was laughing the whole time!

My biggest pleasure in working with these girls and helping them feel special as part of a team was the idea that all of these girls are active.  They are involved in sports and are exercising their bodies, their minds, their focus and their friendships.  They are learning a sport that will serve them well in many other sports, as well as life in general. They learn to become aware of body positions, balance and stamina, good work-out ethics, and tenacity in trying to develop new skills.  Being able to wear pretty, shiny leotards is just a fun bonus! 🙂

Hot Shots

Pre-Hot Shots





2 thoughts on “Team Pictures

    • Thank you, John. I had so much fun! I haven’t heard yet who will order the prints and let me know what the gym wants. But I’ve still got more to do…Columbia City MAGIC on the 20th, Salmon Bay MAGIC on the 22nd, and I’m still waiting to hear about scheduling for the competitive teams at Lake City (including boys). I’ll order all the prints all at once (unless you have a different idea). I am honored to get to do this.

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