Sophie’s Family

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!  This is a post for my family.  We had a relatively small gathering at my parents house yesterday, but it was special for Sophie and her family.  OK….maybe not Sophie specifically, since she is only 7 months old, but we captured a couple of memories for the rest of us.  We have a rather large family.  I am one of 5 kids and between all of us, we’ve given mom and dad 21 grandchildren, and now there are 4 great-grandchildren.  Sophie is one of them.  My sister, Neva and her husband Steve, live in Alaska and came down to Oregon this week, meeting Sophie, their first grandchild, for the first time.  My niece, Kiersten and her husband Tim, live in Oregon, close to mom and dad.  So, for the first time, four generations in my sister’s family got to spend the day together!  We had hoped to do some formal photos of the family outside, but Oregon, being Oregon, chose to rain on us all day.  So we had to settle for living room shots.  But…..everyone put on their best faces and we have some special pics for Sophie as she grows up.

Sophie Peace

Four generations

A Mom/Grandmother/Great-grandmother, a Mom/Grandmother, a Mom, and a much loved little girl!

Sophie dancing with her mom and dad

I hope all of you have special family memories this year and that someone nearby had a camera to help capture some of those memories for you.

Be well,    Karla

ps.  I know the same kind of gathering was happening at my brother, Nels’ house in Enumclaw.  He and his wife Becky have 2 little grandchildren now.  Becky’s parents were up in Washington to have Thanksgiving with them, so they had 4 generations gathered around their table, too.  Blessing upon blessing!

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