I am a total fan of neighborhood community centers and their sports programs for kids.  My 13 year old daughter tried volleyball for the first time this fall at our nearby community center and has found a new passion.  In a time when professional and college sports put such a high premium on winning and exposure and big money, a little neighborhood sports team is a fun, refreshing thing to see.  For $30, my Ella got to spend 2 months learning a new sport, making new friends and getting exercise 3 times a week (and she got a new t-shirt, signed by the whole team and the coaches at the end of the season).   Win! Win! Win!

At the net

As a photographer and a mom, I very much appreciate being able to take pictures at these every day moments in the lives of our kids.  I’ve photographed club level play in sports and it’s cool to be able to capture that moment on the top of the podium in competition.  But it seems to me the most valuable photos are the ones that show our kids just being themselves.  The every day pics are the ones that will remind us in the years to come about the time that my daughter hated ponytails and insisted on playing with her long beautiful hair all over the place.

Mine! Mine!

The every day pics capture the expressions of concentration,

Practicing new skills

and the unique faces that belong to just my child (like the little frown she always gets on her forehead).  The every day pictures show us the friends and places that were important in that moment of growing up.

Using new skills in the game

Seems like the kids have the same idea.  They smile at the pics I’ve taken at certain competitions, but it’s the photos with friends and fun activities that they want to pull out and share with family and friends.

Get it!

Got it!

The kids see themselves in pictures from the playground a few years ago and they go down memory lane, chattering about a certain outfit they were wearing or how hot that summer was.  I am, of course, in love with photographing in any situation, and I enjoy helping my clients capture the moments that they want.  But on this day, I give a plug for small everyday photo shoots of our kids doing what they do best….being kids!

Good Game!


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