In The Beginning

I am at a new beginning…starting my own small photography business.

The real beginning, though, was before I turned 13 years old.  I had asked for my own camera for a long time and mom and dad finally got me a little instamatic for my 13th birthday.  I had to buy my own film and processing with my babysitting money.  I LOVED taking pics from the very first day, though the photos never quite matched what I thought I was seeing with that little camera.  But I still have all those pictures and they captured our family memories quite nicely.  Then, once I was done with college (nursing school), my first major purchase was my Pentax K1000 35mm camera.  OK….maybe my first major purchase was my first car, but the Pentax was only days behind. I LOVED that camera and the prints I got from it.  I had that camera for over 20 years before it finally quit on me and in all that time, we became such good friends that I never even needed to think about what settings I wanted in different situations.  I just knew how my camera worked.

Over the years, I have discovered that, while I like taking pictures all the time, I really enjoy capturing children in all their nuances.  I enjoy their smiles, their cries, their antics and their sweetness.  I enjoy watching the kids and their parents grin at the moments they see captured in print or on the computer.  My brothers and sisters all helped in this journey by providing all kinds of nieces and nephews to photograph.

Then about 20 years ago, I became a foster parent, and had the opportunity to see what photos did for all these kids who have not been as cherished and valued as they should have been.  They, every one of them, took out their photos over and over again, eagerly sharing them with anyone who would stop to look.  The photos seemed to help the children feel real and noticed and valued .  I have adopted three of the girls who came into my care and they, too, were practice subjects (with much love) who helped get me to the point I am today.

I will share here several of the photographs I have taken over the years.  While the quality of the images (they are prints that are scanned onto my computer) are not what we can produce these days, you can see some of the little loves I’ve had in my life, the moments they let me indulge in my photography passion, and some of the good memories we created together.

I am ready to share my camera and my love of kids with many families now.  From the beginning with a little instamatic camera to the beginning of my new Karla Petersen Photography business with my SLR digital cameras, I am blessed by my journey and I’m hoping you will enjoy following along!

Be well!  Karla

New Baby Brother

Pow Wow Time

Giggling with Daddy

It's Snowing!!!!!!

It's never too early to learn how to swim!

Fun at Gasworks Park


NOT a couch potato kid!

Crooked Halo



A quiet moment


Hula Hoopin'

A smile as bright as that hat.

Helping Mommy

What's going on?

Hi, Kitty.

Does anyone know what the girls are up to?

Eeeeeeewwwwww! It's squishy!

I Seeeeeeeeeee You!

Summer Beauty

Sweet Little Miss

A Walk with Grandma

I'm an artist!

Naming Ceremony


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